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2020 - 2021 Annual Report

I Am Not My Struggles: Overcoming Barriers in a Challenging Year


Together we seek to create inclusive, resilient, and healthy communities.


We inspire each other to… Be kind | Celebrate Diversity | Collaborate | Innovate


A dynamic provider of integrated services that empower people and build communities.

As we look back on the past year, filled with unprecedented changes and challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to focus on the difficulties and hardships we’ve all faced. That said, we can be inspired by the words of Ontario’s new and inaugural Poet Laureate, Randell Adjei:

"I am not my struggles
I am not my pain
they are just roadblocks
proving how far I came."

Indeed. As an organization and as a community, we’ve come a long way since the terrifying early days of this global catastrophe. KCHC’s teams have shown incredible versatility, strength, and leadership throughout the past 12 months. Their excellent work has led to minimal disruption of services and strong new relationships with other agencies that allow us to share information, resources, and care.

We shifted to virtual platforms and implemented stringent health and safety protocols so that our staff and clients could feel confident coming to our buildings. We continued to provide high-quality care, programs, and services. We kept looking at everything we do through a trauma-informed lens. We maintained our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Thanks to our resilient and dedicated staff, volunteers, and community partners, we’ve helped many of our neighbours overcome significant barriers.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together and would like to take this opportunity to share some snapshots of our year.

Report From The CEO & President Of The Board

In 2020, similar to most agencies around the world who were focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC) was additionally challenged with several colliding factors. In quick succession a cyber-attack brought down the entire IT infrastructure as primary care teams were transitioning to a new Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, and Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS) was twice relocated in response to homelessness and the growing toxic drug crisis in Kingston.

Read the CEO & President Of The Board Message

Pictured from Left to Right: Mike Bell (CEO) & Terri McDade (Board President)

Board of Directors

  • Mike Bell


  • Terri McDade


  • Catherine Isaacs

    Vice President

  • Lynn Bowering


  • Alec Ross


  • Pamela Paterson

    Board Member

  • Marie-Line Jobin

    Board Member

  • Martha Munezhi

    Board Member

  • Maha Othman

    Board Member

  • Peter Milliken

    Board Member

  • Jennifer Foster

    Board Member

  • Brenda Hunter

    Board Member

Year In Review

View our Year in Review

Included In Our Year In Review:

  • Indigenous Development Worker
  • Rural Frontenac Lennox and Addington Allied Health Team (RFLA)
  • Napanee Area Community Health Centre (NACHC)
  • Immigrant Services Kingston and Area (ISKA)
  • Dental
  • School Readiness
  • Community Development
  • EarlyON
  • Pathways to Education (P2E)
  • Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program (OHRDP)
  • Self-Management Program of Southeastern Ontario (SMPSO)
  • Pandemic Response Committee
  • Communications
  • Weller Clinic
  • Street Health Centre
  • ACEs/Trauma Responsiveness
EarlyON has been a blessing to our family! Being a stay at home mom, having a support system for myself and kids has helped us a lot! Having teachers who are supportive, helpful and kind keeps us coming back! I love having a safe place for my kids to play, and me to grow as a mom.
- EarlyON family

Financial Statements

Statement of Financial PositionStatement of Operations

Strength In Numbers

The work that KCHC does is incredibly rewarding and we know that it makes a difference in our communities. One way that we can acknowledge and appreciate the scope of what we do is through measuring our goals and accomplishments numerically. Here’s a more data-driven look at some of our achievements this past year.


Exceeded the clinical targets of unique clients served (target: 850, actual: 1080)

Community meals, outreach

68,774 meals served by Lionhearts at KCHC from April 6, 2020 to March 31, 2021

School Readiness

Packed and delivered 138 child-focused activity packs.


Surpassed goal of media exposure – goal was 5 media hits, and end results was 18 articles or stories featuring KCHC

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Media Exposure Goal

Our media goal was 5.

Media Exposure End Result

Our media exposure end result was 18.

Frontenac Lennox & Addington Ontario Health Team

KCHC has been actively involved in the ongoing planning and design of this regional healthcare system along with many partners in our region. The goal of this groundbreaking initiative is to connect and integrate healthcare in our area in order to keep people healthy in their homes and communities, and KCHC is incredibly proud to be a part of this project.

Learn More about FLAOHT


KCHC is very fortunate to have longstanding and innovative connections with many community partners, and this year, while unlike any other in most ways, has not seen a change in our commitment to building relationships to ensure that the needs of our community are met. We continued many existing partnerships, and have been thrilled to be involved in the inception of some new and exciting collaborations.

Learn More Our Partnerships

Indigenous Health Council (IHC) Report

Kate Brant, Indigenous Community Development Worker

The Indigenous Health Council (IHC) has had a busy and productive year. They have a fulsome report to share this year, offering greetings to our membership and community; a change in name and legal incorporation; adapting to and offering support through COVID-19; sitting at key tables with the Ontario Health Team; participating in important research projects; and the creation of a permanent full-time position for an Indigenous Development Worker.

Shekon Sewakwekon / Aaniin / Boozhoo (Greetings to All)

Learn More about Shekon Sewakwekon / Aaniin / Boozhoo (Greetings to All)

Incorporation as “Indigenous Wellness Council”

Learn More about Incorporation as “Indigenous Wellness Council”


Kingston Community Health Centre

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Street Health Centre

115 Barrack Street Kingston

Consumption and Treatment Services

661 Montreal St. Kingston

Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program

115 Barrack Street, Suite 200
1.866.316.2217 or 613.544.9735

Inter-professional Primary Care Team

310 Bridge Street West Unit G1 Napanee

Napanee Area Community Health Centre

26 Dundas Street West, Napanee

Our Funders

Ontario South East Local Health Integration Network
United Way Kingston Frontenac, Lennox and Addington

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