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Strength In Numbers

The work that KCHC does is incredibly rewarding and we know that it makes a difference in our communities. One way that we can acknowledge and appreciate the scope of what we do is through measuring our goals and accomplishments numerically. Here’s a more data-driven look at some of our achievements this past year.


Exceeded the clinical targets of unique clients served (target: 850, actual: 1080)

Community meals, outreach

68,774 meals served by Lionhearts at KCHC from April 6, 2020 to March 31, 2021

School Readiness

Packed and delivered 138 child-focused activity packs.

The Dental Team has been working in a very high-risk and demanding environment. Through incredible teamwork, dedication, communication, change management, and perseverance, the Dental Team has been able to adapt existing protocols and adopt new processes all while supporting each other and clients through the challenges of COVID. It is the team itself that brings me hope; their individual and collective character, determination, and commitment to client care and experience is what has provided, and continues to provide, the light.
- KCHC Staff Member


Surpassed goal of media exposure – goal was 5 media hits, and end results was 18 articles or stories featuring KCHC

Media Exposure Goal

Our media goal was 5.

Icons represent number / type of exposures.

Media Exposure End Result

Our media exposure end result was 18.

Icons represent number / type of exposures.

Street Health Centre

180 new smoking cessation referrals with a 20% quit rate at 6 month period, the highest this has ever been for SHC


A total of 329 students in the program and 68 students who became alumni, our largest-ever alumni cohort

Community Development

Good Food Box and Seniors Food Box 400 delivered boxes per month to each group

Pathways to Education has gone the extra mile for me again this year. The alumni services have helped me find multiple job opportunities using inside connections at KCHC, that otherwise I wouldn’t have found. Pathways to Education has really helped make the stepping stone into my career possible.
- P2E alum


Monthly visits increased from 134 (April 2020) at the Barrack St. location to 1,058 (March 2021) at the Integrated Care Hub.

Operation Warm Feet

Distributed 500 pairs of boots


2,273 direct client interactions, primarily offered remotely

Regional Self-Management

Over 900 people participated in all online workshops and certification courses

Without ISKA, we would not be able to function in our Canadian society
- IKSA Youth Client


Units By Supply Category 2019 - 2020


Units By Supply Category 2020 - 2021


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