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Strength In Numbers

The work that KCHC does is incredibly rewarding and we know that it makes a difference in our communities. One way that we can acknowledge and appreciate the scope of what we do is through measuring our goals and accomplishments numerically. Here’s a more data-driven look at some of our achievements this past year.


Visits = 12,158
Overdoses = 193 within CTS + 54 in vicinity of CTS to which staff responded (total overdoses the CTS responded to = 247)


Conducted over 200 virtual group service events for over 2,000 participants

Weller Clinic

Over 6,000 clients were served by the primary health care team over the last fiscal year accounting for more than 27,000 encounters with staff


  • 2,833 appointments servicing 1,564 individuals.
  • 50 seniors received dentures or denture-related services.
  • In this, our first year with the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program we served 568 seniors over 1,104 appointments.


The Facilities Team responded to more than 2,000 facility requests, supporting over 12 KCHC programs, eight tenants in more than six locations, as well as supporting many satellite offices and spaces (e.g. EarlyON locations at schools, Boys and Girls Club locations, etc.).



# of New Clients|10%
# of Info Orientation|64%
Group Sessions|6%
I have been volunteering [at KCHC] since November, and I love it so much! The people I work with are truly incredible. I'm done my volunteer hours for school, but have continued to volunteer. Had I known such an amazing place and people existed, I would have started long before I did. I'm so grateful for the opportunity that I've had to volunteer there and meet the people I have.
- Sandra Wannamaker, KCHC volunteer


  • 665 harm reduction supply orders were processed in 2021, an increase of 4% over 2020
  • The average monthly cost of those orders increased by 10%
“More than supplies, they are engagement tools, which assist an individual to make safer choices for their health”

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